06 Mar 2021

The activities carried out by the association in the educational field

Educational field:

The association seeks to rehabilitate the handicapped, which is one of the important goals of the basic system
There are many programs that offer the disabled, such as:
Educational rehabilitation in speech, as there are many people with different disabilities and every disabled person needs a special program in it, as there have been many achievements for the association’s center.
Indeed, trainers have been trained in communicating in order to train for integration students in speech and communication while they are in the integration classes

Also, there are pre-school students in the disabled center with the aim of preparing and taking programs suitable for them according to their disability
Likewise, following up the integration classes in schools with the aim of raising awareness about the handicapped and who has the right to enroll in education

-Provide a school bag for students
-Disabled cards were cut across the branch
-Entities were searched to provide fixed assets for the ability to practice activities such as chairs, diamonds and blackboards.

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